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Set the Industry Pace – Strategize with the Pride

  • Technology Sector recruitment needs evolve quickly.
  • TalentHunt’s highly specialized HR scouting technology services the dynamic and shifting demands of the industry by locating the best talent to move your business forward.
  • Because the Technology industry experiences exponential growth and constant innovation, being able to meet recruitment needs efficiently is crucial to business success.
  • TalentHunt understands the demands, the trends and has the foresight and depth of knowledge to meet the specialized needs of a future focused field.
  • Timely and exacting placement is king, and we have you covered.
  • Find out how we can help you strengthen your Pride today
  • Get in touch to find out more.


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Recruiting Solutions for Modern Retail

  • The key to TalentHunt’s continued success in Retail Industry recruitment is our ability to forecast trends, adapt swiftly, and target the industries needs for tomorrow, today.
  • In retail, change happens fast.
  • With your businesses specific needs in mind TalentHunt anticipates the shifts in the market by understanding how the herds move through staying in sync with the industry influencers.
  • We’re tracking down the best talent to meet your employment needs and focusing on the trends of tomorrow in a range of retail sectors.
  • Find out how we can help, book a call here.

Consumer Goods

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Dynamic Talent Drives Success

  • TalentHunt understands that in the Consumer Goods Industry, your business can’t afford disruptions to the supply chain, operations or logistics that can come from prolonged recruiting campaigns.
  • Your business needs dynamic and flexible talent, scouted and acquired quickly to maintain growth and adapt to shifting consumer demands.
  • Providing exceptional service in the Consumer Goods sector for over 15 years, we understand your business’s needs and know how to meet them
  • To keep the chain moving smoothly, we know where to find the talent you’re after.

Building Materials

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The Foundation of Success – Built on the Strength of Your Team

  • Building Products recruitment is at the heart of the TalentHunt Pride.
  • Our Recruiters find the right fit and the best talent in positions ranging from the shop floor to the top floor.
  • Over 15 years of experience and in-depth of industry knowledge in the Building Products sector means that we have vast experience inside the industries leading organizations.
  • We understand companies need talent that makes an impact, quickly and hassle free.
  • Talk to us about how our recruitment professionals can help you build a team to meet your exacting standards.


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The Future Starts by Building the Best Team Today

  • When you are ready to begin the great migration from idea to industry leader, you need a savvy team of trackers to find the talent that can take you there.
  • TalentHunt’s Early Stage Company recruitment platform is nimble, innovative and understands the nuances of the Start Up Venture landscape.
  • Our groundbreaking HR technology eliminates the guesswork and waste issues that can drain new ventures of necessary capital.
  • The thrill of being an Early Stage Company comes with equal parts adventure and adversity. Let us manage the recruitment uncertainty by finding you the innovators and game changers your business needs to reach the destination.
  • We move fast to help you build things. Find out how we can help here.
  • We track and tag – Board Members, Executive Leaders, Management, Engineering, Software, Engineering, R+D, Planning and Strategy, Sales, Social, and Marketing and more.

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