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Director of Installation & Repair Services

Location: Winnipeg, Steinbach or Winkler, Manitoba

About Us

TalentHunt Inc is a North America premier talent management and recruitment solutions provider with delivery centers from coast to coast. We help candidates figure out the next challenge that fits their professional and personal growth plans and match them with exciting and very rewarding opportunities with leading companies across the globe.

Our Client

Our client is a leading provider of internet and wireless services all across Manitoba. They are changing the entire landscape by the providing a wide range of products to their customers and have won customer satisfaction awards multiple times.

What will you do?

  • Manage setting up fast internet, TV, and phone for new home customers
  • Arranging complex tech solutions like Wi-Fi and connections for new business customers (small, medium, large companies, and others).
  • Fixing problems for current customers, looking after the network, and making sure installations and repairs happen on time for customers.
  • Make a plan for getting new technicians and training them, plus working with outside contractors to help rural areas.
  • Lead teams of people who install and fix things, and make sure the schedule is good.
  • Work with tech experts to pick and use software tools for organizing work in the field.
  • Manage lots of workers and vehicles, focusing on making customers happy, the work smooth, and employees content.
  • Keep an eye on important measures like efficiency, costs, and customer happiness.
  • Make sure that setting up and fixing things meet the company’s standards and get done on time and within budgets.
  • Help make plans for new service areas, so that everything is ready for customers after construction.
  • Make sure scheduling for setting up and fixing is done right.
  • Create good processes for setting up and fixing things and make sure teams know how to stay safe.
  • Give teams what they need to do their job well.
  • Keep track of buying, spending, and plan the budget for the department.
  • Decide when the department works and plan out when to do installations and fixes.

Who are you? 

  • Previous leadership experience supported by documentation demonstrating experience in leading multiple teams and project leadership.
  • Combination of work related leadership experience, project coordination, and/or training in an industry related trade certification or program.
  • Experience and understanding of corporate operations.
  • Strong business acumen.
  • A strong team leader and team player.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

If you’re interested, reach out to Jordan Taylor.

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